3 Ways To Enter The Mystical Life

The Mystical Life is possible for every Individual.
This site's purpose is to encourage All and to provide a forum to share experiences and "Ahas!"



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The Mystical Life Blog is dedicated to sharing the authentic, imperfect journey of One Spiritual Adventurer -- not a celibate, aesthetic, cave-dwelling, ashram hopping, armpit hair growing, patchouli wearing, brown rice and lentil eating life, rather an ordinary life, increasingly extrodinarily experienced - a life once riddled with suffering and struggle. There is no claim of expertise here, no desire to convert to convince - just an earnest desire to be helpful...




Fallacies and Misunderstandings
Much misinformation about the subject of mysticism is quite generously shared. The fact that it is erroneous does not seem to impact its prevalence...   more
Making Contact

“Yes, but what does that mean and HOW do I do that?” Though no process is required to BE your True Self, this section is designed to give practical how tos that have proven helpful...     more



Ponder This!

Weekly, a new topic to contemplate before and during meditation and ponder throughout the day...    more

Share Your Experience

How do those who lead a contemplative life connect and share spiritual bounty? Here's how!...       more

What is a Mystic/Mystical?

It used to be that "mystic," conjured two images – neither with which I could relate:

On Delusion

First, the definition of delusion: a belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite what is generally accepted as reality and despite rational argument.


Below are five pointers to meditation, which seem to help in stilling the mind so that Ever-Present Peace can be experienced. Give them a try and see if they are useful to you. And by all means, pass them on as were are passed on to me!


This Is It

Day 12 - 20
Begun at 7:30 am, July 24, 2012
Amsterdam - Buongioro Espresso

Look Up!

Day 10 - 11:00 am
July 22, 2012
Amsterdam - Outdoor cafe

Ego Hung Out to Dry at the Museum

Day 7 - 5:20 pm
July 19, 2012
Den Haag, NL

Who wants to go home?

Day 6 - 5:20 pm
July 18, 2012
Den Haag, NL

Brick by Brick

Day 5 - 5:20 pm 
July 17, 2012
Den Haag, NL

You Can't Free a Panther by Crawling Into His Cage

Day 4 - 8:50 pm
July 16, 2012
Den Haag, NL

Shot glasses and Bubbles

Day 2 - 3:50 am
July 14, 2012
Den Haag


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